Design changes the world.


Hey there—I'm Paul. I believe that design is one of the most potent forces for change in the world. My career has been dedicated to harnessing it for the people, causes and organizations that are making our common home a better place.

I've worked at the forefront of the LGBT rights movement to tell the story of how one voice can make an incredible impact. I've helped bring about digital transformation to America's most iconic organization, the National Park Service. I've helped cast a vision for how banking can flip the script and truly serve the needs of customers. I've helped the world's leading philanthropy and non-profit organizations put their best, most impactful foot forward in the world.

Today, the world doesn't have a shortage of big problems. It's time to break out the Post-It notes, open up Figma and get cracking.

JULY 2022

Currently living in beautiful Seattle, working leading teams at Shopify. Deriving great pleasure from fixing small things quickly at home, while building large things at work.

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