Paul Zolandz


I'm a designer and leader based in Seattle, Washington. Over the last 15 years, I've been privileged to help inspiring causes, companies and people make their mark on the world through design.

As a leader, I've built and led teams that deliver complex digital experiences at an enterprise scale. My leadership style is born of humility, empathy and curiosity—with a healthy dose of questionable-yet-useful metaphors.

As a designer, my career is best defined by its diversity. I've worked for a small non-profits and a Fortune 100 financial institution. In-house at a government agency and on the agency side. A videographer on assignment in Cape Verde and a UI designer on deadline in my apartment. I love a good challenge and will always spend too much time choosing a typeface.

My career path hasn't been linear. But, there is a uniting theme that ties it together: go where you can do the most good while growing the most as an individual.

Currently, I lead UX teams at Shopify where I'm learning about a whole new topic—fulfillment and logistics—while working at an impressively speedy clip alongside brilliant crafters.

Previously, I was Director of Design at Capital One where I learned from some heart-first leaders how to manage teams through change and deliver results at an enterprise scale.

In the future, I'm excited to continue working with inspiring people to help them make their own dent in the universe.

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